Maximising Your Work Efficiency: Unveiling the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader


Whether you’re in construction, agriculture or landscaping, it’s undeniable that the efficiency of your operations hinges mainly on the machinery at your disposal. One of these critical machines that likely springs to mind is the wheel loader. With several decades of excellence in building industrial machinery, LiuGong has become a standard in the industry, known for blending reliability, productivity and ease of use. Today, we’re unveiling one of their remarkable creations – the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader.

Understanding the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader

The LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader is a compact wheel loader specially built to make loading jobs safer and more efficient. One look at its specifications, and you’ll appreciate the thoughtful engineering that’s gone into this machine. Its engine model QSB5.9-C150, from renowned manufacturer Cummins, offers a gross power of 113kW (152 hp) at 2,200 rpm, making it a powerhouse.

What sets the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader apart is its unique features. The hydraulic system adopts a dual-pump confluence, always giving steering priority. This significantly reduces energy loss, making your operations more profitable. In addition, its panoramic 309° visibility ensures that operators have an expansive view of their surroundings, increasing safety whilst handling the material.


Maximising Work Efficiency with the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader

Regarding work efficiency, the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader doesn’t disappoint. It’s designed to make loading faster and more precise. The machine’s 87 kN bucket breakout force ensures optimal performance for sand, gravel, or other construction materials.

Moreover, the LiuGong 835 is a model of fuel efficiency. With its large fuel tank capacity of 140 litres and its ability to perform optimally at lower rpm, you’ll spend less time refuelling and more time being productive. In addition, the single-layer radiator design and ample range fin spacing further reduce its maintenance costs, enhancing efficiency and simplifying maintenance.

Ease of operation is also a hallmark of the LiuGong 835. The cab is fully sealed, providing a quiet work environment. It also employs a micro-pressuring system that keeps the cab clean, thus ensuring the operator remains comfortable throughout their shift.


Real-world Applications of the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader

The LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader has proven its versatility and efficiency across various industrial settings, from handling material in construction sites to loading in agricultural applications. For example, one operator reported an increase in their productivity by 20% since using the LiuGong 835 in their sand and gravel loading jobs. Another found the loader instrumental in boosting their landscaping business’ profitability due to its low operating cost.

Leveraging the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader’s Features for Optimal Efficiency

Maintaining your LiuGong 835 in peak condition is vital for optimal efficiency. Regular checks on critical systems, such as the cooling (40 litres) and the hydraulic (130 litres), are recommended. Its transmission and torque converter holds 45 litres, while each axle uses 28 litres, all contributing to the robust operation of the wheel loader.


As we’ve explored, the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader is more than simply a piece of equipment; it’s a solution designed to make loading jobs safer, faster, and more efficient. With its blend of power, ease of operation, and thoughtful features, it’s easy to see why it’s a preferred choice for professionals seeking to maximise their work efficiency. Call us today for a quote or demo.

Now that we’ve lifted the veil on the LiuGong 835 Wheel Loader, it’s over to you. It’s time for you to experience this machine’s impressive performance and efficiency. If you’re willing to take your operations to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or to place a demo.

We also welcome your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Remember, time is money in construction, agriculture or landscaping, and the LiuGong 835 ensures you save both.