digging deeper: unleash the power of liugong 915cr excavator in your construction projects.


As a savvy construction professional, you know that having the right tool is crucial for success in the industry. When it comes to excavators, LiuGong Excavators have repeatedly proven their worth. This comprehensive guide will explore the evolution, key features, and exceptional performance of LiuGong Excavators, focusing on the remarkable LiuGong 915FCR Excavator. Discover how this powerhouse solution addresses your pain points, revolutionising your construction projects.

Evolution and Innovation: 

LiuGong Excavators have a rich history of pushing boundaries and redefining the industry. Years of relentless innovation and engineering excellence have resulted in cutting-edge technologies that elevate performance and efficiency. At the forefront of this evolution stands the LiuGong 915FCR Excavator, equipped with the latest generation features and designed to conquer the most demanding challenges.

Key Features and Specifications: 

Let’s delve into the heart of the LiuGong 915FCR Excavator. Powered by a robust F3.8 engine, it delivers a staggering 90 kW of rated power and a peak torque of 500 N·m. In addition, the compact body design allows it to navigate effortlessly through urban environments, forests, and even demolition sites, ensuring the machine’s safety and the well-being of surrounding personnel.

Applications and Industries: 

The LiuGong 915FCR Excavator finds its purpose in many industries. Whether you’re engaged in construction, mining, road building, landscaping, or demolition, this excavator becomes your trusted partner. Experience the thrill of enhanced productivity as its greater hydraulic flow and higher swing speeds shave 12% off your cycle times, allowing you to accomplish tasks like truck loading, digging, trenching, and backfilling with unmatched efficiency.

Performance and Efficiency: 

Performance and efficiency are paramount in the construction industry, and the LiuGong 915FCR Excavator exceeds expectations. Its exceptional digging depth, reach, optimised operating weight, and stability empowers you to tackle any project confidently. In addition, fuel efficiency and environmental considerations are at the forefront, helping you optimise costs while reducing your ecological footprint. Step into the ergonomically designed cab, bask in excellent visibility, and embrace the spacious legroom, automatic air conditioner, and ample storage space, creating the most comfortable working environment for you and your team.


Maintenance and Support: 

LiuGong Excavators excel in performance and PMG provides comprehensive maintenance support. From scheduled maintenance guidelines to readily available genuine parts, PMG has you covered. Keep your LiuGong 915FCR Excavator operating at peak efficiency, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. In addition, experience peace of mind knowing that a dedicated network of dealers is committed to delivering exceptional after-sales support, ensuring your projects run smoothly.



As a savvy professional, you understand the value of reliable and efficient equipment in your construction endeavours. PMG with the remarkable LiuGong 915FCR Excavator leading the way, offer a gateway to unprecedented performance, durability, and reliability. So embrace the power of LiuGong Excavators, and unlock new possibilities in your construction projects. So contact us today and venture on a journey of construction excellence, where every task becomes a chance to leave your mark on the world.