936E Excavator

  • Heavy duty rollers, reinforced idler frame and optional full track guard guarantee the integrity of our undercarriage. It’s this core strength that enables our customers to keep working and earning – around the clock.
  • ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) and FOPS (Falling Object Protection System) safeguard your most important asset: your operator in the toughest environment.
  • Greater hydraulic flow and higher swing speeds combine to improve cycle times by 12% on tasks such as truck loading, digging, trenching and backfilling compared with our previous model.


Emission Regulation Tier 4 / Stage IV
Make Cummins
Model QSL9
Rated Power 213 kW (286 hp / 290 ps) 
Net Power 201 kW (270 hp / 273 ps) 

Peak Torque 1,451 N·m @ 1,400 rpm
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 8.9 L

Boom Length 6,400 mm
Arm Length 3,200 mm

Fuel Tank 620 L
Engine Oil 30 L
Cooling System 37 L
Hydraulic Reservoir 240 L
Hydraulic System Total 450 L


Main Pumps Total Flow 2 x 300 L/min
Relief Pressure, main 34.3 MPa