922E Excavator

922E Excavator

  • Unmatched performance driven by the Cummins Engine enhances torque output with more power and breakout force at lower engine speeds.
  • Ergonomically designed cab for LiuGong E series excavator, with great visibility, expansive room, new multi-function LCD monitor, automatic air conditioner, large storage space, provide most comfortable working environment
  • Hydraulic request signals detect activity, decreasing and increasing engine speed as required. Power is supplied only as needed, achieving optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Outstanding stability and durability come from an X-type reinforced frame and the long track beam and crawler system


Emission Regulation Tier 3 / Stage IIIA
Manufacturer Cummins
Model QSB7
Rated Power 124 kW(166 hp / 169 ps) @ 2,050 rpm
Net Power 117 kW(157 hp / 159 ps) @ 2,050 rpm
Peak Torque 658 N·m @ 1,400 rpm
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 6.7 L

Boom Length 5,710 mm
Arm Length 2,915 mm

Fuel Tank 420 L
Engine Oil 25 L
Cooling System 25 L
Hydraulic Reservoir 210 L
Hydraulic System Total 330 L

Main Pumps Total Flow 448 L/min
Relief Pressure, main 34.3 MPa
Relief Pressure, boost 37.3 MPa