9035E Excavator

9035E Excavator

  • Advanced hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the engine and components for fast response and smooth operation. Load sensing and flow sharing provide operational precision, efficient performance and greater controllability.
  • The 9035E, zero tail swing, increases operator visibility and productivity when working in confined spaces where the upper body stays entirely within the width of the undercarriage.

  • The fuel efficient, low noise and low emission Stage V certified Yanmar 3TNV80F-SNLY engine gives the operator the power to perform. With perfectly matched hydraulics for greater efficiency and Automatic Idle control, operators can expect to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% compared with the industry average.
  • High flow, switching attachments like buckets, breakers and shears can be time consuming and hazardous. We’ve made it fast, safe and simple with LiuGong’s quick coupler which is perfectly matched to a range of genuine LiuGong attachments.



Operating Weight:  3,980kg (cab) // Operating Weight:  3,860kg (canopy)
Emission rating EU Stage IIIA
Engine manufacturer Yanmar
Engine model 3TNV88-BPLY
Displacement 1.64 L (100 in.)
Rated speed 2,400 rpm
Net power
(SAE J1349/ISO 9249) 21.2 kW (28.4 hp / 28.8 ps)
Rated power
(SAE J1995/ISO 14396) 22.2 kW (29.8 hp /30.2 ps)
Maximum torque 94.2 Nm

Fuel tank 40 L (10.6 gal)
Engine oil 6.7 L (1.77 gal)
Final drive (each) 0.5 L (0.13 gal)

Type Variable displacement piston pump
Maximum flow 92.4 L/min (24.4 gal/min)

System Voltage 12 V
Battery 12 V
Alternator 12 V – 55 A
Start motor 12 V – 1.7 kW (12 V – 2.3 hp)